About BigWaveDave Productions

Event Managment Services

BigWaveDave Productions is focused on the following principals:

1. Create Events That ANYONE Can be Part Of:

  • Endurance does not mean that you have to be an elite marathon runner or world class cyclist. In today’s world, anyone can be an athlete, if they choose to be. BigWaveDave Productions carefully plans those events that will allow participation from the first timers to the most experienced athletes around.

2. Create A Total Experience For All Participants:

  • Participants are our Customers, and in our business, the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FIRST. When people enter an athletic event, regardless of the level, they are expecting to be treated with respect and courtesy from start to finish. BigWaveDave Productions holds itself to a high standard when it comes to our customer.

3. Create Events That Promotes Cities, Sponsors and Charities:

  • BigWaveDave Productions is very focused on promotion, and that means working closely with everyone involved. We believe in showcasing the communities that host our events through constant communication and idea sharing.
  • Sponsors are critical to the success of many of our events, and again, the key is a strong communication process. Sponsors want to know that their dollar is going towards a worthwhile cause, and BigWaveDave Productions is focused on ensuring that.
  • We believe that all of our events should be associated with local, regional or national charities. We feel that we have an obligation to make our events opportunities for the less fortunate, whenever possible. Supporting charity partners is our way of doing just that.

BigWaveDave Productions has been managing events for over twenty years. We are always working on the creation of additional events throughout the country.
If your company or group has an event that it would like to have professionally managed, please let us know.